BritSAL's List


I sometimes get great feedback about the mailing list site in my email inbox. Just sharing some nice ones here. I hope you recognise some of them! This page will be added to in time.




 OH my goodness I love your garden back yard. You have made it so pretty, my back yard is a woods really it is woods. Want to come plant a garden for me? Oh honey you have worked so very hard I know you have. It is just lovely.
I got to see little Megan walking around with you briefly on your filming. Thank you for sharing how does your garden grow. Just beautiful. 


Bless you and your website, it is wonderful, had a good chance to really check it out last night. Not only good reading but such lovely meaningful videos and just really neat pictures and of course the wonderful music.


Beautiful and I loved the soothing music.


What a lovely English garden.
I am so proud of you.
Thanks for sharing.
I love it!


Anyway... I wanted to thank you for your mailing today, I did not mean to get carried away with words, but they just flowed, I needed to make you understand and know how much your mailing touched me today, I loved everything about it.

I am sooo enjoying your pages.


 Sal, I loved the video clip of your beautiful garden!!! You should be very proud
of yourself. I wish I had some of your talent!! There is not much you can't do!!!

On number 29 sweetie I just read about Hannah the sixteen year old child that left us for a boy friend she had no longer. My heart goes out for her friend Georgia as  you say will have to live with that memory for the rest of her life. How beautifully you put things & words together Sal.


I so look forward to ALL your sends..