Mailing list sends will be fewer right now

 as my Mum is unwell and I am busy caring for her.


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 Welcome to BritSAL's List Website.

BritSAL's List is an exciting new type of list. Each send will include a link to a page here, where you will find graphics, possibly a quote, film clips, poetry, links, music to download, funnies, recipes, in fact all manner of lovely things.
Sends will NOT go out on a regular
 basis ( they will be prepared as I have the time ). There could be one or two sends a day, one a week, maybe even one every two or three weeks. The email sends will provide a link for you to click on for the new page/s added, and may sometimes contain a photo of baby Erin
- as these will not be posted on the website.

If you would like to subscribe to this list, please send an email to
With " Subscribe to BritSAL's List" in the subject title, and you can be added within 24 hours.
If you wish to unsubscribe, send an email with " Unsubscribe from BritSAL's List" in the subject title, and you will be removed within 24 hours.

This site will contain all the pages as they are created. The emails you get will just contain a reminder that this site has been added to, with a link to the new page/s, and sometimes ( not always )  a picture or movie link of young Erin too.
Most of all, enjoy the list...and have a super day!

Pop along and see the pages created so far on:



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 Please Note:

Because my graphic, article, poetry and music collection is so vast, sometimes an item or song etc may be duplicated on this site. For this I apologise. Please put it down to old age ;-)

Music Disclaimer

Music used throughout this website is for entertainment and background pleasure only, and is not used for any monetary gain. If you like the music used here, please support the talented artists I have featured by buying their CD's.